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New Director Appointed - November 2019

We are pleased to announce that Maya Eadie has joined the Board of Directors.



Share Dealing Window - 1st to 30th April 2019


At the AGM the Company Secretary announced that there would be a further share dealing window in April 2019.  This gives shareholders the opportunity to sell some or all of their shares in HCP Ltd.   Preference for buying shares will be given to existing shareholders and then to other villagers of East Hanney and West Hanney who would like to own shares in our community pub.  This opportunity will communicated to all shareholders by email and advertised to villagers in the April edition of the Hanney News. 

The Company Secretary would be grateful if shareholders could email him at, to express an interest in selling or buying shares, the price they are prepared to sell their shares or purchase further shares, and the number of shares they wish to sell or purchase.                                 



New Director Appointed - October 2018

We are pleased to announce that David Corps has joined the Board of Directors and has taken over as Company Secretary.



Share Dealing Window – April 1st to 30th




At the AGM I provided some details on a share dealing “window” in April 2018.  In this month prospective sellers may come forward and prospective buyers may purchase their holdings in full or part. 


If any shareholder wishes to sell all or part of their holdings, could you please email me your intentions and the price per share that you seek.  In my opinion, any price above face value (£1 per share) would be optimistic.  There is an announcement in April’s Hanney News inviting non-shareholders to register their interests with me.  All of this will be done on a time/date priority basis.


If any shareholder would wish to buy more shares, then also let me know by email.






Chris French

Company Secretary

March 20th 2018




New Director Appointed - 1 May 2016

We are pleased to announce that Chris Kelland has joined the Board of Directors.


June 16 2015

Purchase completed.  Refurbishment starts tomorrow.  The Plough will re-open for business on July 4th - our independence day!


June 6 2015

All share certificates despatched and delivered.


May 25 2015

Share Certificates are being prepared and will be despatched mid-June.


May 19 2015

We have exchanged contracts to purchase the pub.


May 18 2015

The Share Offer closed with the full amount of £400,000 raised from 111 households.


April 18 2015

Fund raising starts on Monday.  We are advanced in our recruitment of a tenant.


March 23 - Board Meeting

We discussed and agreed:

The 3 phases of getting the pub into its optimum condition; some works will take place immediately after completion; others will be exterior work after the pub re-opens and then there will be a long term plan to improve all the facilities. 

We agreed the Share Offering Document & Tenancy Agreement subject to a legal overview.  

We are planning for the launch of the share issue on April 20th - Big day.


March 19 2015

The big issues that we are dealing with are:

- Tenant recruitment:  We have invited 5 applicants to submit answers to questions on our commitment to provide good locally produced food and beers;

- VAT on the purchase:  we have commissioned expert advice;

 - Fund raising:  We are investigating a number of methods to finance the purchase and refurbishment;

 - Refurbishment projects to breathe some life into a neglected pub after our purchase completes.


March 9 2015

We have today received the Contract for purchase and 12 other documents relating to the property; some over 30 pages long.  The Board/Committee will be spending a few days wotking our way through them in order to reply to the solicitors.


March 4 2015

We still need a few more pledges to buy shares.  We are well into the preparation of an external works schedule, internal works schedule, Tenancy Agreement and Share Offering document.  Tenant recruitment is underway.  Insurance quotes for the building have been commissioned.

We need support from all of the community in The Hanneys.  If you don't wish to buy shares, what about helping in a cleaning, decorating or gardening team?  Contact us today.


March 2 2015

April 20th 2015 at 8.15pm

Public Meeting at Hanney War Memorial Hall for potential investors to receive a copy of their Share Offer Document and receive information on its contents.


February 24 2015

We have today appointed Harrison Clark Rickerbys Limited to act for us as solicitors for this transaction.


February 23 2015

We are today instructing a professional form to carry out a structural survey of The Plough.  We are reviewing quotes from two firms of solicitors and we will make an appointment tomorrow.  We have completed our Tenant Specification and we will be contacting all people who have already expressed an interest.  We have had a thatcher look at the condition of the roof.


February 20 2015

We are starting the recruitment process for a tenant to manage our pub and run their own business.  If you are interested, please contact us.


Our refurbishment plans are being formulated.


February 17 2015

We have now formed a Board of Directors.  We shall be seeking individuals to join who can bring specific talent and experience.  Our key tasks are:

Instruct a valuer to carry out a survey;

Instruct solicitors on the purchase

Prepare a schedule of essential works

Update all potential shareholders on when funds may be due

Set a target completion date and target re-opening date.

watch this space

February 13 2015

Our offer for the purchase of The Plough, West Hanney has been accepted.  


The hard work now begins in turning the pledges of funds into a purchase.  We need to spend some money on bringing the pub up to the safe, hygenic and pleasurable standard that we know villagers demand.  If you have made a pledge, please consider a small increase.  If you haven't made a pledge, come on board and make our community pub a reality.  For more information contact us.


February 2 2015

We have sufficient funds pledged to have made our offer to purchase.  There will be an extensive programme of refurbishment and repairs.  We need to raise some more funds for this.  Please contact Chris on 868876 to make your pledge.  Over 70 households have pledged funds.


January 30 2015

An offer to purchase The Plough was made to the owners today.


January 28 2015

Keep looking as we expect to post information this week on a likely offfer to purchase.


January 27 2015

SIPP Investors

Some residents will like the idea of using their Self Invested Pension Plans (SIPP) funds to make an investment in The Plough.  We have received positive advice that this is permitted.  Please consider an investment as part of your portfolio as there is an income return and perhaps, asset growth, in the future.  Values of assets of course can go down as well as up.  If you want more informatioon on this exciting development, please e-mail me on


January 22 2015

Raising the funds

Our main focus is to encourage villagers to show their intention of buying shares to save their pub.  We need to raise £400,ooo and we are over half way there.  Please support us by making an investment.  We need at least another £100,000 of pledges.


January 18 2015

The Committee carried out a viewing at the pub.  The next step is to assess what essential repairs and refurbishment would be required.  This is before an offer to purchase can be made.


January 16 2015

A Fact Sheet has been added to provide information to potentail shareholders.  You can access it by going to the column on the left.


January 15 2015

We are arranging for the committee members to visit The Plough on Sunday 18th.  The interim managers might have opened the pub for business by then.


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