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Hanney Community Pub Ltd

59th Board Meeting to be held on 7th June 2021 at

Olde Hanney Room, HWMH, East Hanney commencing at 8.00pm




This meeting is for agreeing the Notice of Meeting, Agenda & Procedures for the General Meeting on 19th July (papers to go out to shareholders before 28th June)








  1. Apologies for absence



  1. Minutes of 58th Meeting held on 27 April 2021                                   



  1. Matters arising



  1. General Meeting in July (CF)                                                                 
  • Notice of Meeting & Agenda                                                       
  • Shareholder Special Resolution (SC)                                      
  • Further possible changes to Articles                                         
  • Meeting Procedures
  • Registration
  • Presentation of resolutions
  • Chairman’s address and resolution introductions
  • Voting & scrutineering
  • Open Forum
  • Adjournment procedures



  1. Any other business
  • Date & venue for next meeting





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