Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Hanney Community Pubs Ltd - The Plough, West Hanney

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

for the month of August 2020


This risk assessment relates specifically to the hazards arising from the Covid-19 virus and the consequent control measures that must be in place.  It applies to all persons entering The Plough at West Hanney, including staff, volunteers, customers, delivery people and contractors.


The principle hazards are being infected by the virus through 2 routes:

  • touching surfaces that are contaminated with the virus and then touching your own face with contaminated hands, and
  • transmission through droplets and airborne particles exhaled by an infected person. 


The key mitigation principles are:

  • Good hygiene – cleanliness of the building and contents and frequent hand-washing by occupants
  • Restrictions of types of activities – to reduce the likelihood of creating droplets e.g. no loud or boisterous behaviour
  • Social distancing – maintaining safe distances between people to reduce the likelihood of airborne transmission
  • Training – through verbal instructions and written notices to reinforce required behaviour


The risk assessment is based on Coronavirus guidance notes prepared by HM Government Keeping workers and customers safe during COVID-19 in restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services, dated 9th July 2020.  It must be reviewed as guidance is updated.


Prepared by: David Corps ……                      Reviewed & agreed by:  Dave Lea, Chris French, Chris Kelland…………………………………….

Date:…… 20th July 2020……………………….



Mitigation / Control Measures

Completed Y/N

 Notes / Further Actions




All staff and volunteers to be briefed on working arrangements and to read and sign risk assessment document before commencing role


CF to keep folder of signed copies


Notices and floor markings to be used to reinforce training and provide visual cues – see section 2 below




Contractors and delivery staff must be supervised and given verbal instructions by Duty Manager as appropriate




Site Set Up


Notices to be put up:

  • Symptoms of Covid-19 – at entry points to instruct affected people not to enter the building
  • Social distancing – in bar, on customer tables, at order point
  • Hand washing – in customer toilets and staff areas
  • Ordering process – on customer tables and order point
  • No entry signs and arrows on doors to control entry / exit and movement through pub
  • Bikes – notice not to lean bikes against other bikes and not to touch other people’s bikes




Floor markings to be used to give visual reminder of distancing measures:

  • Around bar areas – to prevent people approaching bar
  • On floor approaching Welcome table and order point where people may be queuing
  • On floor between tables in restaurant areas




Tables will be set up in the garden, Coulter Bar and restaurant area


Future: consider additional tables in car park if sufficient customers


A table plan will be draw up and a laminated copy kept at the Welcome point

Tables will be positioned to ensure 2m spacing between backs of chairs




To reduce the number of items touched by customers, tables will be kept clear of items except for the table number and a laminated drinks list




Windows in the restaurant and bar areas to be kept opened (weather permitting)


To be done daily as part of opening / closing process


A one-way system will be in operation, marked by signs and arrows




Toilets will be for one person at a time.  A vacant / engaged sign will be placed on the outer toilet door to prevent entry




Pre-printed contact cards to be prepared at least 72 hours in advance and “quarantined” before use




The Aunt Sally is not in use and sticks must be stored away




Smoking is not allowed: smoking indoors is prohibited; outdoor smoking is not allowed at the tables; max one person in the smoking pod at any time  




Staff / Volunteer Arrival


There will be no entry to the bar from the road.  Staff / volunteers will be directed down the east passage to the Welcome Desk




All staff / volunteers to wash hands immediately on arrival




Staff / volunteers to report to Duty Manager to receive briefing and daily updates




Staff / Volunteer Working Arrangements


Staff / volunteers may not come to work if they have symptoms, have had symptoms in the last 7 days OR someone in their household has had symptoms in the last 14 days




Staff / volunteers encouraged to bring as few personal possessions as possible




To reduce contact between people, rotas will be organized to put staff / volunteers in teams or shift groups, whenever possible




To reduce contact between people, staff / volunteers must adhere to the staffing plan which sets out roles and zones of work.  There is a maximum of one person in each zone, including the bar area and outdoor ordering point




Staff / volunteers will be provided with PPE.  They must ensure that they are familiar with the PPE required for each role and that they wear the PPE required

  • Face coverings must be used for customer facing role
  • Face shields may also be used if preferred
  • Disposable gloves for roles touching objects handled by customers or other staff
  • Staff to put on freshly laundered apron on arrival at pub or to use disposable aprons

The Bar Manager must pay particular attention to hand washing / using hand sanitiser after handling dirty glasses.


Duty Manager to oversee compliance


Managers, staff and volunteers all have duties under the Health & Safety at work Act to follow safety instructions


Poster on use of face coverings in staff areas (see 6.1 of HMG pub guidance)


Staff / volunteer break times

Staff seating is in the top garden, back left corner




Customer Arrival & Exit


There will be no entry to the bar from the road.  Customers will be directed down the east passage to the Welcome Desk




* Pinch point * – customers entering along the passage may meet customers queuing for the toilets. 

Signs giving instructions not to queue to be placed on toilet doors and signs asking arriving customers to wait will be placed at entrance




Process at Welcome Desk:

  • All customers are required to use hand sanitizer at Welcome table on arrival
  • Contact details and data consent will be recorded for a lead person from each group and retained for 21 days for the NHS Test and Trace programme.  The names of all party members will also be recorded.  Pre-printed cards and pens will be provided on the Welcome table.  Information will be written on the pre-printed cards.  Cards and pens that are placed in a drop-box
  • Indoor tables are not large enough to ensure social distancing of people from different households / bubbles, so customers will be reminded to sit in groups of one household.

            Outdoor tables may be used for groups from one household or two single people for different households sitting well apart.

  • Groups to be allocated a numbered table
  • Groups reminded not to interact with other groups as they walk to their table
  • Children and pets must remain at their designated table





Contact cards to be collected up twice a day and placed in a dated and sealed envelope.  Contact details to be kept securely


Leave pens in box until end of day (see 9)


Customers at outdoor tables to leave garden by garden passage by cellar


Customers at indoor tables to exit through restaurant door




Ordering / Payment Process


Laminated drinks list to be available on each table




One person from the group to go to the Order Point to place order

  • Outside tables – person goes straight to order point
  • Inside tables-  person must follow one-way system and go out of restaurant door towards the road and re-enter through east passage




1.5m table to be used as barrier between customers and outside bar attendant.  Attendant to wear face shield




Outside bar attendant writes order and table number on paper and passes paper to inside bar attendant, who makes up drinks, puts them on a tray and provides a till receipt showing mount due




Drinks must be paid for on collection.  No tabs are permitted




Outside tables - Outside bar attendant collects tray and places on a table outside.  Calls the table number to pick up the drinks and makes the contactless card payment

Indoor tables – Outside bar attendant collects tray and takes to table and makes the contactless payment.

Staff must wear face masks or face shields when approaching tables and taking payments






Only one person may enter the ladies or gents toilet at any time.

The vacant / engaged notice is to be placed on the outer door.

Customers in the bar / restaurant areas must leave by the exit door towards the street and re-enter through the eastern corridor.

Customers in the garden must exit by the garden passage by the cellar and re-enter through the eastern corridor


Gloves protect staff but do not prevent spread of virus.  Gloves must be changed between each use and hands washed


Clearing Tables


When customers have left, outside bar attendant clears tables onto tray(s) and returns empty glasses to table near indoor bar and other rubbish to bin by order point.

Staff to wear gloves


Gloves protect staff but do not prevent spread of virus.  Gloves must be changed between each use and hands washed


Table, chair backs, menu and instruction cards are wiped down with disinfectant spray




Staff confirm to Welcome desk that the table is ready for use.  It must not be reallocated before then.




Bar attendant washes glasses in dishwasher and sanitises trays






Staff / volunteers must wash hands frequently (or use hand sanitizer) especially after touching items that have been handled by other people




All working surfaces must be kept clean and tidy




All working surfaces must be thoroughly wiped down and sanitised between changes in staff – including but not limited to bar counter, prep areas, fridge doors, pump handles, spirit bottles, ice buckets, till




Toilets and sinks must be cleaned hourly by staff wearing gloves


Sign off sheet to check compliance


Door handles and push plates must be cleaned frequently by staff wearing gloves – frequency should be hourly but can be adjusted by Duty Manager based on number of customers




Card reader to be wiped down before and after anyone uses keypad and between changes in operator




Pens in Contact Card box to be wiped down and placed in separate container for 72 hours before re-use


Part of closure process




Deliveries and contractors will be encouraged to come to the pub outside opening hours whenever possible




Staff should avoid handling new stock and should leave it untouched for 72 hours if possible.  If not possible, wear disposable gloves and/or wash hands after handling new stock




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